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Tattoo and Pigmented Lesion Therapy

The treatment can selectively treat the tattoo or pigmented lesion. Thus, it will eliminate the tattoo or pigment while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions and tattoos (amateur and professional; multiple tattoo inks) are treated. The effectiveness of the laser is dependent upon the age, location, depth, and type of tattoo and pigmented lesions, as well as on the composition of the pigments.

Many people are uncomfortable with unsightly dermal lesions like age spots, freckles, and birthmarks, or with a tattoo they had applied several years ago. It is estimated that as many as 50% of individuals with tattoos regret the permanency of the tattoo and wish to have it removed.

Treatments varies from patient to patient depending on the age, size and type of tattoo, color of the skin and depth to which the tattoo or pigment extends beneath the skin's surface.

Patients with previously treated tattoos that were not effectively removed by other treatments may respond will to Candela laser therapy, providing prior treatment did not cause excessive skin damage.

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